What is TheCapheVietNam's FINE ROBUSTA?

The CapheVietNam's Fine Robusta Coffee is coffee selected from 100% ripe berries, preliminarily processed, preserved, naturally fermented and dried on a drying rack according to a closed processing process directly from the farm, in accordance with the standards of Fine Robusta offers richer flavors such as sour, fruity, dark chocolate or mellow sweetness. We strive constantly to bring coffee lovers interesting experiences next to the perfect cup of coffee bearing the imprint of each typical coffee growing region of Vietnam.
Vietnamese coffee beans Dubai
Vietnamese coffee beans Dubai


Honey - in the name Red Honey comes from the Robusta seed processing method. This method of processing does not add honey to coffee, but Robusta coffee beans, after being peeled, keeping the "meat layer/PULP" on the seeds with a high sweetness, when dried will leave a characteristic reddish brown color of honey with a mild apple-like taste, fruity and dark chocolate, sweet post-mellow.


Coffee plants were officially planted in Vietnam by the French in 1857. First, Arabica was tested in Vietnam. Since 1925, after thorough surveys of climate and soil and social and political considerations, the French have been testing Robusta and Arabica coffee in the Tây Nguyên area. Thanks to the suitable climate and the fertility of the soil, the Robusta variety started growing quickly, accounting for 95% of coffee production in Vietnam.
Vietnamese coffee beans Dubai


TheCapheVietNam team are people with rich experience in the coffee field from diligent farmers who dare to change the coffee farming model from traditional to a clean, high-quality coffee model by natural methods. , do not use chemical fertilizers for coffee experts – devote day and night to researching and improving coffee processing techniques in accordance with scientific standards, accompanying farmers to produce green and clean coffee agricultural products high Quality.

In particular, the outstanding team member of TheCaphe VietNam through much effort and exploration and enthusiasm for his profession, he won the first prize in the Vietnam Amazing Cup contest organized by Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association, Coffee Association. Vietnamese specialties held on March 10, 2020 in which the judges were Vietnamese experts and experts from all over the world. This is a pride and also an affirmation of the quality of TheCaphe VietNam to consumers.

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