Roasted Blend Coffee

  • Honey roasted blend coffee.
  • Process: Honey process
  • 100% Organic Robusta coffee sourced from Vietnam
  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Recommended brewing technique: Vietnamese Phin Filter for a better brew and blend.
  • Quantity: 500gm.



The Fine Robusta of THE CAPHE VIETNAM is a coffee selected from 100% ripe fruit, preliminary processing, natural fermentation preservation and drying in a greenhouse, bringing more rich flavors such as sour, sweet post-mellow. Sweet, fruity and dark chocolate

Whatโ€™s HONEY COFFEE means

Honey – in the name Red Honey comes from the Robusta seed processing method. This method of processing does not add honey to coffee, but Robusta coffee beans, after being peeled, keeping the “meat layer” on the seeds with a high sweetness, when dried will leave a characteristic reddish-brown color of honey with a mild apple-like taste and a long-lasting finish.

Cafe Robusta Honey with organic farming method, only selects ripe red fruits from the tree.

100% of coffee processing according to the honey method, giving strong aroma, sweet after taste.


Coffee Facts

  • Coffee Type: 100% Organic Robusta.
  • Location: Dak Nong – Vietnam.
  • Altitude: 1,759 ft.- 2000 ft.
  • Process: Honey Processed.
  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Taste: Mild sour apple taste, fruity, dark chocolate and mellow honey sweetness.
  • Recommended brewing technique: Vitnamese Phin Filter for a better brew and blend.

How to brew coffee using Phin filter

  • Add Robusta coffee powder in the filter.
  • Shake well, press lightly and lock the inner lid
  • Add 20 ml of hot water to soak the coffee.
  • Add approximately 45ml of boiling water.
  • Add sugar, milk according to your taste.

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